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Service Information: Postal and Courier Services

  • Payment of courier license fees can now be paid online using SKMM E-Payment. Licensee shall pay to SKMM the license fees within the prescribed time.
  • ';Annual License Fee Rate' is based on the total annual gross income as stipulated in their respective annual audited financial statements as follows:

  • Table: Courier License Fee
    Total Annual Gross Income (RM) Annual License Fee Rate (RM)
    100,000 and below 500
    100,001 to 250,000 2,500
    250,001 to 350,000 5,000
    350,001 to 5,000,000 10,000
    5,000,001 and above 15,000
  • The license fee payment is based on the Annual License Fee rates prescribed or any other amount set by SKMM if the Licensees fail to submit their annual audited financial statements.
  • SKMM reserves the right to review and collect the difference of the annual license fee, whichever is higher, when the licensees submit their annual audited financial statements.